Campground, 2020-22

“Campground” is the simply unemotional title of the video work that deals with the area that was once the source of inspiration for the exhibition “Weg” by the artists’ group Acht.*

Overgrown by plants, dilapidated caravans and huts stand there; the rotten furniture, pieces of clothing, and scraps of food on tables give the impression that the inhabitants all abruptly fled and never returned. Inge Kamps devotes six film sequences, each one to two minutes long, to this mysterious non-place, six short explorations of the area, each ending in a freeze frame. The eerie atmosphere becomes clear on the color monitor. The sound of the lively chirping birds seems like an ironic commentary on it.
From: “World in Shards” by Jürgen Röhrig, 2022 (

The exhibition “WEG” in the Kulturwerkstatt Kircheib is available