Under Water, 2022

Lake Garda, pigment print on dibond, je 139 x 85 cm

Water is the basic element of all life.

Due to its molecular structure, the element water has a number of properties that make it a special substance, which are of crucial importance for many processes on earth. Its multifaceted appearance, changeability and flowing beauty is one of the themes of this series of photographs.
They are photos taken by filming underwater (of Lake Garda) in 2018. The diverse appearance of water not only highlights its aesthetics, but also seeks to express the need to understand the element as a value. Moreover, as a metaphor, water is an expression of the all-connecting and all-pervading.
A grant (2022) from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, offered me the opportunity to realize this group of works in a size of 139×85 cm and 260×150 cm as a pigment print on Aludibond.