Waldscherben, 2022

“Waldscherben” is a German play on words and means as much as Woodland Shards.
1channel video installation
Loop sequence 2.28 min.

Video: Inge Kamps
Music: Paulo C. Chagas

In many places in the former forest, there are dead spruces that stick up into the sky like spears. They cut through the sky like a splinter through the eye! Or they lie on the ground, broken, chopped, bent, shattered into many small and large pieces – like glass.

In the video, the layering of about 50 photos and short video shots of the dead and fallen trees on top of each other forms an appropriate equivalent to the massive destruction. The images dissolve into white nothingness. At the end, a mushroom stands as a metaphor for perception.

The music was composed from the sounds of breaking glass. By processing these sounds using granular synthesis, a texture of pulsating sounds was created that emphasize the dystopian character of the destroyed forest while suggesting the hidden energetic vibration of the earth.

Exhibition WEG