Video Panorama: Sternörter – Zeitläufte, 2009

Music: Johannes Quint (Titel of Original Composition: „Firmament pur“, 2009)

2-channel Videoinstallation, Sequenze Duration: 26 Min.

From the top of a mountain, the camera scans a landscape panorama above an observatory, morning, noon and evening.

The restrained tempo of the panorama scan corresponds with the music, whose ever-new sound spectra constantly condense and thin out again.
The components of these spectra seem to be in a gentle, calm state of oscillation, as they are periodically modified in their volume. The music is an excerpt of a potentially infinite sound installation that works exclusively with sine tones.

The landscape panoramas alternate with digital, animated single images of stars and planets of this observatory, which contrast the horizontal scan with the vertical scanning of the sky.

In the juxtaposition of the three panoramas at the very beginning of the film, the incidence of light on the domes illustrates the three different times of day – so the observatories themselves appear like planets.

The (collaborative) work was created during a working stay at the Hoher List Observatory of the University of Bonn, organized by the “Temporary Studio for Survey, Bonn”, in the astrological year 2009.
The music by Johannes Quint was created independently of the video recordings at the same place and time. Music and film were united on a DVD only after their completion or the discovery of their togetherness.