Nur von der Ferne …., 2012

Audio-Visual Transformation (Music and sound: Johannes Quint) Duration: 30‘11“, HDV

Text: Franz Kafka, from the estate
Voice: David Fischer

A sky, on which constantly new cloud formations are created and dissolve again, forms an unbroken (uncut) background in this video image.

A second, animated layer (water surface, warehouse floor, ruin, landscape and lens), occasionally slides in front of this constantly changing sky, sometimes more, sometimes less transparent.

The soundtrack also consists of several layers:

In the foreground is Kafka’s text, spoken in its entirety while being greatly drawn out by large pauses. Behind it, whispered short excerpts of the text repeatedly appear and disappear again. Finally, there is the word ‘I’ repeated at great intervals, which – like a mirror – maintains or attempts to maintain identity.

The sense of time is decisively determined by the only track that is musical in the narrower sense. It consists of quietly passing sounds that lead in an infinitely slow increase to a climax. These sounds are complex aggregates whose components consist of white noise processed with resonance filters.