Rainer Plum, Bergisch Gladbach, May 2014

Spatial construction of coherent light

Drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture and installations are part of Rainer Plum’s portfolio. The reference point of his artistic exploration is the line. He shows it in its graphic qualities, as a designation of form and body and equally as a sign of presence, movement and energy. His preferred material for sculptural works is coherent light.

Rainer Plum will create spaces of fog fluid that become the ephemeral stage for laser drawings. The focused, highly concentrated light is used to create performative installations that stage the continuous transformation of dots that become lines, lines that split into surfaces, and surfaces that form bodies. In their transparency, the surrounding space, becomes part of the abstract compositions. The laser light constructions transform the given architectural space into a structure of virtual spatial constructions. The fascination of the light constructions consists on the one hand in the vibrating brilliance of the light constructions caused by the carrier material fog and on the other hand in the ambivalence between visual perception and the reality of surface and space – an illusion of haptic constructs. For the viewer, something suddenly becomes visible that contradicts logic, cannot actually exist in this form, but exists nonetheless.

In a process of deceleration, the speeds at which the laser light events change, the lines, surfaces and spaces that are constantly recombining are chosen in such a way that the viewer is placed in a state of tension and openly perceives stillness.

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Lichtrouten L├╝denscheid